IPS pioneered the idea that documents could enter the organization as paper, email or electronic files, and become digital assets powering a digital process.

IPS services include:

In the past two decades, we have created more than one billion digital records for clients including the world’s top advertising agencies, financial firms, pharmaceutical manufacturers, insurers and information technology companies.

For our customers, those digital assets and processes cut costs and speed turnaround, reduce legal and financial risks, and improve customer relationships. In a business world where employees may be working anywhere at any time, IPS helps keep them – literally – on the same page.

What Does IPS Do?

We break down the barrier between documents and data. Our services merge document-based information seamlessly and productively into the digital data that runs the organization. And we do it without forcing you into a one-size-fits-all system. Instead, our flexible high-volume processes adapt to you. Learn more.

What Kind of Processes?

Accounts payable, contracts, customer records, human resources, claims, health records, financial, clinical trials – you name it. Wherever a paper-based process can be made more efficient through integration with digital systems, IPS can help. Learn more.

For What Kinds of Companies?

Many of the Fortune 500 rely on IPS. That includes the world’s top advertising agencies, financial firms, healthcare providers, insurers and information technology companies. We make the same level of quality, efficiency and productivity available to midsize and small companies as well. Learn more.

Where Does IPS Do It?

From our headquarters in the New York metro area, we manage regional processing centers in the US as well as Asia, Australia, Europe and Latin America. We also send skilled teams onsite at customer locations to provide digital document processing within their walls and enterprise network. Wherever the work of document conversion takes place, our US-based team applies one standard of quality to everything we do.

Our worldwide reach allows us to capture information in any language and create sustainable, fully digital workflow processes nearly anywhere in the world. Our system of automatic and manual translation of languages lets us automatically feed information from any document — transaction-based or free-form — into any system.