IPS featured in Healthcare Technology Online for Accounts Payable Processing

Ken Congdon, editor in chief of Healthcare Technology Online, recently wrote an article, "Digitize Healthcare AP Processes," where he speaks to Greg Bartels, president and CEO of IPS.

Greg Bartels, president and CEO of IPS, was consulted in the article. IPS has a wealth of experience in digitizing AP systems for hospitals and health care systems.

Congdon’s piece covers digitizing and streamlining accounts payable in hospitals. Congdon recommends leveraging a digital mailroom solution which would allow hospitals to centrally scan invoices as they enter the facility--eliminating the long, error-prone process of manually completing invoices, then routing them electronically for approval.

"Through integration of digital mailroom, intelligent capture, electronic workflow, and digital repository technologies, we've been able to cut the cost of processing AP documents from $25 per invoice to less than $5 per invoice," said Bartels in the article. "No matter how effectively a manual AP process may be structured, you can't move this type of information around in an analog fashion and approach the results generated when the information is digitized."

Click here to read the full article in Healthcare Technology Online.