Financial Services

Information technology including document management has made banking and finance one of the most automated industries in the world.

The volume of paper produced by information technology has gone up rather than down. And when data reconciliation problems arise, paper becomes an obstacle to resolving them.

But it has not eliminated the need for paper documents and email attachments, with all the handling, archiving, storage and retrieval issues they create.

IPS digital imaging services complete the productivity revolution that information technology started. IPS will scan and index every key document needed to back up a financial transaction—from account and loan applications to corporate resolutions and letters of credit. The data is intelligently captured and mapped to key identifiers, such as account number, customer name or tax ID number.

With the document images indexed on a server, finding the right piece of paper takes seconds rather than hours. The impact on productivity is enormous. And the business continuity protection provided by IPS cloud-based storage significantly reduces risks to your operations in the event of a disaster. We scan, index and store electronic documents at offsite locations—with full back-up and redundant systems—and provide authorized users anywhere in your organization with secure access via the Internet.

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