Information Technology

Digital imaging presents special challenges for information technology (IT) companies, which is why many IT managers prefer to segregate imaging from other functions.

IPS is the ideal digital imaging partner, with substantial expertise in imaging,our cloud-based solutions are hardware-independent. We provide a comprehensive array of services that allow access to data from a single source—including mobile and remote employees.

Frequently, this leads to a decision to outsource image capture, image storage or image retrieval to a third-party provider.

IPS has deep experience in managing all levels of digital imaging services. Image capture involves specialized equipment with a high level of maintenance needs. This equipment is most often accessed at the department level but must interface with enterprise-level systems.

Perhaps most important, IPS digital imaging have come to play a key role in business continuity planning in the event of disaster. When physical facilities, data storage or telecommunications circuits are disrupted, imaged documents stored at diverse IPS locations can become critical to the survival of the business.

IPS ensures smooth integration with existing enterprise or departmental information systems either on-site or off-site. Our ImageServ application provides scanning, indexing, storage and retrieval to authorized users via the Internet. ImageServ eliminates capital requirements, simplifies integration and reduces maintenance needs, while offering the highest level of business continuity protection.

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