IPS helps to ease the insurance industry’s heavy burden on slow, inefficient and costly paper processes.

IPS provides business process improvement and electronic document management solutions that helps insurance companies streamline, standardize and centralize information, and manage high-volume workflows for claims, enrollments and other business processes.

Claims Processing

Using the right combination of technology, business rules, database validation and verification, IPS’s proven solutions speed HCFA and other insurance claims processing with an unprecedented 99.9995% accuracy.  This is all done as a service, in IPS’s secure, private cloud, enabling insurance carriers to be up and running in weeks, not months, without installing a single line of code.


Human resources is one of the most document-driven functions in the organization. Laws and regulations govern what information must be maintained and in what form. Many documents are applications and forms which have been filled out by the employee and must be preserved in their original form. And with even average turnover, keeping the files up to date is a never-ending problem. IPS provides document scanning and indexing, archiving, retrieval and ongoing repository as a service for departments or enterprise wide.  Through our ImageServ document image service, we provide insurance carriers secure access to electronic documents via any computer on the internet.

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