Productivity WrxSM  for Media

Financial Solutions: Marketing Communication Companies

In today’s world of marketing communications, media planning and buying has become increasingly challenging. Without the right tools in place, processing of complex media invoices can result in payment delays. The inefficiencies often become disruptive and costly leading to vendor/partner abrasion.  

The Productivity WrxSM for Media eInvoicing system was developed by IPS specifically for marketing communication companies who are looking for innovative solutions that address unique challenges specific to the industry. Productivity WrxSM for Media provides an automated workflow platform that connects marketing communication companies with their vendor/partners through a collaborative workflow accounts payable SaaS. Productivity WrxSM for Media provides complete transparency and collaboration for rapid resolution to any invoicing or payment issues. Automated alerts in the electronic invoice processing system are sent upon receipt as an audit “flag” that is visible to both the media buyer and supplier. Productivity WrxSM for Media eliminates expensive delays in reconciliation that have plagued the industry. 

IPS customers benefit from massive productivity gains thanks to our electronic invoice processing system and become free to focus on commercial activities, client management and cost management.

"IPS has developed the Productivity WrxSM platform to automate and streamline accounts payable and receivable processes. We have designed the technology to have significant impact on our customer's daily financial operations and most clients are seeing productivity boosts resulting in average cost reductions of 50% or more within the 1st 90 days after implementation. Additionally, our client's employee morale and vendor relationships have greatly improved" states Greg Bartels, President & CEO of IPS.

The Productivity WrxSM Suite:

  • Productivity WrxSM Vendor/Partner Portal
    • Real time dashboard reporting
    • Seamless ERP Integration (Oracle, SAP, Media Ocean, Strata, +++)
    • Automated alerts for risk mitigation
    • Diversity spending dashboard
    • Accounts Payable SaaS deployment
  • Productivity WrxSM Digital Mailroom
    • Automatic ingestion of all invoices
    • Intelligent capture and data extraction
    • EDI and ERP integration
  • Productivity WrxSM Workflow
    • Accounts Payable SaaS deployment
    • ERP integration
    • Automated reconciliation tools
    • Case management
    • Early stage invoice audit and alerts
  • Productivity WrxSM Information Governance
    • Compliant Information Governance repository
    • Advanced security functionality (track, audit, and report)
    • Accounts Payable SaaS deployment
    • “Seamless” ERP Integration

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