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Offshoring Risks

Offshoring Risks: What 95% of BPO vendors won’t tell you

Today's competitive business landscape forces more 'out of the box' thinking by business leaders. One business practice, outsourcing, can have big payoffs to the bottom line but doesn't come without its share of risk. Outsourcing non-core competencies is on the rise but the further decision to offshore the outsourced processes, if made wisely, can give a company the competitive advantage needed to win.

Are your vital records safe

Are your vital records safe?

According to PMP Research though up to 46% of companies have adopted a corporate information strategy, only about half of these (54%) have defined what data needs to be captured, and only 42% have set rules for classifying data. IPS President Greg Bartels discusses how to keep your vital records safe.

The Paperless Office

The Paperless Office

According to IDC, 10 % of annual revenues for the average company are spent on document production, management and distribution. Learn how digitizing your business with IPS can optimize your document management processes and transform your documents into findable and efficient digital assets.

AP Outsourcing

AP Outsourcing – An IPS Success Story

Learn how one CFO reduced transaction costs by 50 % and slashed processing time from 16 to 2 days by partnering with IPS. Digitizing Accounts Payable processes is now an accepted best practice. Global competition demands that organizations modernize inefficient, error-prone and costly legacy AP processes. As IOMA states "It's no longer a question of whether AP should be automated, but how to automate and to what extent."

The Game Has Changed

The Game Has Changed

A CEO is driving home after meeting with the Board of Directors. He has successfully implemented a plan to weather the economic storm and credit crisis. And now the Board wants a strategy to drive shareholder value when the economy finally turns around. Although there is a lot of uncertainty about the future, this CEO knows one thing for sure: it will not be business as usual. New challenges are on the horizon, including:

  • Increased accountability to shareholders, vendors and employees
  • A new global regulatory scheme
  • Heightened scrutiny over the deployment of capital
Customize your ERP

Think you need to customize your ERP? Think again.

IPS has saved clients millions by helping them avoid costly customizations to their ERP system. Most companies purchase Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and financial systems but end up customizing the functionality to match their business processes. IPS' solution helps customers keep ERP software in-the-box by providing customized workflows that can be loosely or tightly integrated, as needed.

IPS Client Testimonials

Clients Say it Best! IPS Client Testimonials

For the past 20 years, IPS has designed and implemented solutions at Fortune 1000 companies that increase profitability and and productivity while reducing risk. Clients come to us for our proven expertise in digitizing business. Find out more in our testimonials video.

Digitize Your Business

Digitize Your Business

Clients come to IPS to digitize their business. Our advanced document capture and workflow services ensure that valuable information is the hands of your knowledge workers when they need it. Author and management consultant, Peter Drucker, coined the phrase "knowledge worker" back in 1959. He was one of the first to predict the shift of business and the economy from success based on the ability to make a product to success derived from the ability to use and generate knowledge. Drucker said, "The most important contribution management needs to make in the 21st century is ... to increase the productivity of 'knowledge work' and the 'knowledge worker.'" Today, 70% of workers in developed economies are information workers. In our global, interconnected economy, the ability to collaborate, access information on demand, and instantly respond to market changes has never been more critical.