Backfile Conversion

Backfile conversion, also called fileroom conversion, is the process of digitally scanning and indexing a repository of documents—most commonly paper, but also microfilm and microfiche—and then storing them in a searchable digital archive.

Backfile conversion is typically done when an organization first begins using a digital imaging system to ensure that all records will be in the same new digital format.

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Backfile conversions should be done at the same time a document management solution is implemented. Unfortunately this is not always the case—often because of budget, personnel bandwidth and lack of a plan.

If half or more of your information is still locked in paper after you implement a document management solution, you will not realize the true potential of the “paperless” solution and will not see the promised ROI.

Now Is the Time

Labor costs are at an all time low. Technology and scanning capabilities are at an all time high. IPS is the Gold Standard of backfile conversion services with decades of experience across a wide variety of industries. We are able to quickly transfer institutional knowledge for efficient backfile scanning projects—saving you time, money and lots of headaches.

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Insist on the Best

IPS pioneered quality enhancing backfile conversion processes which have now become standard practice in the industry.

  • In 1991 IPS pioneered the page-versus-image Scan Q/C process.
  • In 1992, IPS published the first article describing Database Matching as a means to insure 100% accuracy and integrity of index data.
  • In the early 1990s IPS also pioneered the use of document slip sheets for high volume document-type identification.
  • With the advent of barcode technology in the mid 1990′s, IPS further enhanced the accuracy of document type identification.
  • In the late 1990s, IPS developed Best Practices for document type identification with the rollout of our proprietary document identification manual.
  • More recently, IPS has led the industry in the implementation of automated indexing,classification and web-based workflow for document type identification and exception handling.

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Image Track™ Document Tracking System

IPS Image Track offers document security and control by combining the features of a traditional database with a sophisticated workflow and process tracking application. Upon receipt, IPS will barcode and “wand” shipments into Image Track, which captures information such as:

  • Shipping arrival and departure time
  • the processing department
  • the processing clerk’s name
  • the processing time
  • duration in each department
  • the image media writing time
  • the client final approval time
  • scheduled end destination for processed original documents (storage, return or destruction).

Image Track™ can generate extensive control reports to detail any stage of processing on a daily, weekly, monthly or on-demand basis.

In-Process Checkout Module

Image Track offers customers easy access to any project file during any stage of the backfile conversion process. When the client issues a request for a file that is still being processed, IPS will record the request and check the document out of Image Track and then forward the requested file to the customer via fax, email, or express courier. All documents pulled from the conversion workflow are accounted for and reported to customer for resubmission prior to project completion.

Image Track provides IPS and the customer with the necessary control and accountability to insure document security during every stage of service and confirm that every document is successfully processed and returned to the client.


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