IPS ImageServ Document Management

IPS ImageServ℠ document management service turns any computer with Internet access into a document search and retrieval system at a fraction of the cost of traditional document imaging.

ImageServ℠ eliminates the complexity and high start-up cost of traditional document management and document imaging technology—without a penny of investment in imaging software or hardware.

Fast, easy startup

Sign up today, and IPS can start document scanning and have a pilot site ready for your approval in days. There is no equipment to buy, no software to install, and no need to place additional demands on your hard-working IS staff.

Flexible, secure, 24×7 access
from any location

ImageServ℠ provides access to mission-critical electronic documents from any location you need, at any time of the day or night, with a level of security custom-tailored to your confidentiality requirements–all on our own, private cloud.

  • IPS provides document scanning and indexing at our Meadowlands Imaging Center, and returns the original documents to you or your storage facility.
  • IPS hosts your document images and index on our secure document repository through a password-protected website equipped with a customized document search engine.
  • You authorize individuals to access the document images, and IPS provides a user name and password to each authorized user.
  • Authorized users search and view document images over the Internet, using a standard web browser.

Affordable cost

ImageServ℠ offers all of the productivity-enhancing benefits of electronic imaging—saving time, increasing efficiency, improving workflow, and significantly boosting productivity. Yet in the first twelve months, it costs less than half the average price of installing and operating an in-house imaging system.

High reliability in a client-centric system

ImageServ℠ provides the robust dependability of a large-scale document imaging system built from proven off-the-shelf technology. But its Web interface is quickly and easily customizable to your specific business needs.

Built-in business continuity protection

Because ImageServ℠ stores your mission-critical document images in the IPS cloud-based repository, you benefit automatically in the event of a disaster or disruption to your facilities. IPS ensures the security of your electronic documents through full backup of the repository to a secure off-site location every 24 hours.

Open-standards system

ImageServ℠ seamlessly integrates into your desktop applications. Access to your electronic document repository requires no special hardware or software—just a Web browser and Internet connection.

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