IPS Intelligent Capture

IPS Intelligent Capture is the backbone of the company’s host of revolutionary, paperless document management solutions.

IPS’ carefully assembled blend of technology and human intelligence extracts data from documents quickly, efficiently and with near-perfect 99.995 percent data accuracy. Intelligent Capture replaces the archaic, time-consuming, error-prone process of manual data entry as the critical link between document receipt and final action.

What makes IPS Intelligent Capture different?

IPS Intelligent Capture’s combination of OCR, ICR and barcode technology, human intelligence, customer-specific business rules and rigorous quality control is the envy of the data capture industry. Meticulously built, controlled and perfected over 20 years, Intelligent Capture offers IPS clients Six Sigma data quality quickly and consistently.

That’s why our annual customer satisfaction surveys result in consistently high marks for service, flexibility and quality of images and data.

IPS Intelligent Capture solves the invoice issue
Think about all the data in an invoice. There’s a name, an address, an invoice number, an amount – and more. With IPS Intelligent Capture, all that information is extracted, validated, verified and sent to the right place in your internal system – automatically.

How does it work?

OCR, ICR, KFI and bar code technologies automatically extract data, which is then validated and verified by a combination of business rules, database look-ups, logical checks and human oversight. This process ensures an industry-leading 99.995 percent accuracy rate, and virtually eliminates defects – regardless of source, volume or required turnaround time.

Finally, data is indexed – with levels of coding ranging from simple file names to sophisticated multi-field taxonomies – and inserted into searchable databases and systems.

Who uses IPS Intelligent Capture?

IPS has implemented Intelligent Capture solutions for a wide variety of clients with just as wide a variety of different document types, business rules and coding/data capture requirements, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. IPS Intelligent Capture is suitable for any level of data extraction task, from simple image capture and file naming to complex data structures, line-item data capture, full-text OCR, intelligent form capture and more.

Why should you use IPS Intelligent Capture?

IPS Intelligent Capture technology frees your company to work on its core competencies, rather than data entry and verification. The solution allows your knowledge workers to provide the maximum value to the business by digitizing unwieldy paper and extracting useful information from the paper as well as PDF, Word, Excel and other documents.

Interested in learning more … about how IPS Intelligent Capture can save your mission critical data and images? Contact us today.