Managed Services


IPS Managed Services provide clients with long-term managed document scanning, digital mailroom, data entry and  records management services at your facility.

Deploying IPS Managed Services transfers the day-to-day staffing and management responsibility to improve operations and drive down your costs.

IPS provides professional project management, experienced production supervisors and full production staffing. In addition, IPS conducts all screening and specialized training to ensure a successful transition.

Whether you own the production equipment or you prefer IPS to furnished it, IPS guarantees improved accuracy and efficiencies using our Six Sigma processes.  For over a decade, IPS managed services team processed over 100 million workers comp claims for the State of Ohio.  IPS consistently ranks “Best in Class” in our annual customer satisfaction survey.

IPS Managed Services allows your organization to focus on your core competencies–leave the document scanning, digital mailroom, data entry and records management needs to the experts at IPS.

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