Accounts Payable Processing

Manual processing of incoming invoices and payments – it’s the number one management challenge for accounts payable professionals.

If you are like most, you receive two-thirds of your invoices on paper or email.  You may scan the invoices – but it is making only a minor dent in reducing accounts payable costs and improving efficiency.  Invoices still stack up on desks and clog email inboxes throughout your organization.  Turnaround is slow, discounts are missed and you have little or no visibility into invoice processing.  Payments are no different.

For some of the best-known names in business, IPS Productivity WrxSM is powering the transition to automated invoice processing.  Because we offer digital imaging, invoice automation and workflow services, and digital payment processing, not systems, there is no risky technology investment, no lengthy AP processing service implementation and no disruption to established processes or people.  Instead, there are deep cost savings, major efficiency gains and more on-time payments.