Productivity WrxSM for AP Automation

Every industry’s accounts payable process is different.   You purchase different products and services.  You account for purchases differently and have your own approach to the opportunities for electronic billing and vendor invoice management.

But the headaches are the same.  Too much information stored on paper or in emails, errors in entering accounts payable and expenses, problems paying invoices and gaining reimbursement for expenses.  Processing that is too slow and costs too much as AP staff chase approvals throughout the organization and sometimes around the world.

Whatever your industry, IPS Productivity WrxSM for AP Automation can make the difference in processing for accounts payable.  We pioneered the idea that documents can enter your organization as paper, email or electronic files and are instantly transformed to digital assets powering an all-digital process.  The world’s top advertising agencies, healthcare providers, financial firms, insurance and information technology companies have entrusted IPS with creating more than one billion digital records of their vendor invoices.

From paper, portal, email, eInvoice and other accounts payable sources, our invoice automation solutions generate a standard digital invoice in an electronic invoice format, with rigorous control over quality.  Our intelligent capture process extracts all the key invoice data  – from vendor name and PO number to line-item detail – and automatically posts it to your financial system as an electronic invoice.  That digital invoice and corresponding data drives our digital workflow process, which routes vendor invoices to approvers, manages exceptions and gives you visibility of the entire accounts payable process.

And we can do it without asking you to invest in elaborate ERP solutions or worry over software implementations.  All it takes to access Productivity WrxSM for AP Automation is a Web browser and an email address.  IPS can also integrate processing for accounts payable workflow components into existing ERP and accounting platforms including Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards, Lawson, MS Dynamics, MediaOcean, Strata, Core and many more.  However we implement it, IPS’s solutions lets your staff do their real jobs: making sure that vendors are paid what they are owed on time.

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