Productivity WrxSM for Media & Advertising

When it comes to paying the bills, there is no business more complicated than advertising.

Agencies buy a huge range of products and services.  They manage media distribution deals of dizzying complexity.  Validating that services and products have been delivered, that the correct costs have been charged, and that charges go back to clients – accounts payable workflow is an immense task.  And it is only getting harder as digital media advertising options grow.

IPS Productivity WrxSM for Media & Advertising provides the world’s leading advertising agencies with digital advertising invoice automation solutions that slash turnaround time, reduce workload, decrease errors and increase the percentage of billable charges that actually wind up on client invoices.  Our invoice automation and accounts payable workflow solutions integrate MediaOcean, Strata, Core and many other advertising platforms.

We don’t ask you to buy big data systems or sweat over software implementations.  Instead, our invoice automation solutions integrate cleanly into your existing systems while making them more efficient and effective.  And that lets your staff do their real jobs: making sure vendors get paid and clients get charged accurately and on time.

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