Productivity WrxSM for Production Payables

From copyrighting to crash dummies, the range of purchasing in creative & production is breathtaking.  So is the difficulty of managing production accounts payable!

Creative, production, direct-response, interactive, mobile and apps – as communications gets more complicated, the variety of services and products that agencies buy explodes.  Each agency is different, depending on its specialty, and the number of people involved in approvals on the creative and account sides of the business can create an accounts payable nighmare. This leads to troublesome and incorrect coding of charges to the right jobs and/or client.

From paper, email, Web download and other sources, IPS digital services are an alternative to traditional accounts payable systems. IPS Productivity WrxSM for Production Payables generates a standard digital document and electronic invoice format for all your supporting documents. IPS has rigorous control over the quality, integrity and processing speed of your entire document workflow. Our intelligent data capture invoice processing extracts all the key accounts payable data from those documents – from vendor name and PO number to line-item detail – and automatically posts it to MediaOcean, Strata or any other financial systems as an electronic invoice.  Through our invoice processing service, the digital document and corresponding data drives your digital workflow process, which routes invoices to approvers. 

Learn how IPS Productivity WrxSM for Production Payables turns the advertising accounts payable system paper chase into all-digital workflow that speeds approvals, payments and charge-backs while boosting accuracy and transparency.

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