Business Process Automation

Organizations live on constantly changing information stored in documents: an unending stream of contracts, invoices, personnel files, leases, claims and many more business records.

These documents capture transactions: customer orders and terms, vendor commitments, regulatory compliance, technical information, financial decisions and outcomes with legal impact.  In a global economy, using paper and/or legacy systems to manage that ever-rising tide of documentation gets harder every day.  But the documents themselves have irreplaceable value for a range of regulatory, legal and commercial reasons.

IPS gives you the power to integrate the document-intensive process with the business process for transactions of all kinds.  Through our automated platform you gain immediate access to information while eliminating the cost, workload and complexity of tradtional document management.

From paper, email, PDF, websites and multiple other sources, our digitizing services transform your documents into a automated digital workstream.  Leveraging our intelligent capture process enables you to integrate your documents into any business or workflow application

Automating your business process provides faster access and significantly lowers the cost of processing your critical information while easing compliance and simplifying today's ever-increasng security needs. 

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