Contract Management

The more complex the supply chain or customer network, the bigger the paper problem.

In global business, supply chains and customer locations stretch around the planet, and paper just can’t keep pace. Vendor and customer contracts are as central to the mission as ever, but you now need to merge paper-based information stored in multiple physical locations with a new generation of digital files for effective contract management.

IPS cloud software powers the transition to all-digital contract management in a wide range of industries across the supply chain. Our scanning services convert every contract and document into a standardized digital format, whether it originates as paper, PDF or a digital image, with strict quality control. Our intelligent data capture process extracts all the key contracts data from those documents – from vendor name and number to transaction type and tax ID – and merges it with the digital documents. We can host these documents in a secure document repository, where they can become instantly available for search from anywhere with a web browser

Through digital imaging, the documents become available in seconds from anywhere in the world. Linked to databases and contract management software systems, those documents support the information flow that runs the business across the supply chain. And in the event of disruption or disaster, the digital documents provide a lifeline for the continuity of your business.

Best of all, IPS digital imaging and other services are not a one-size-fits-all contract management software solution. You can access our services and your documents through our secure cloud-platform, whether for a single department or across the supply chain. That platform can also integrate into your ERP or other management system. We can even provide you with staff and solutions for global digital management of contracts within the walls and enterprise network of your organization.

Whichever IPS approach suits you best, you can count on reducing the costs of contracts management and improving the productivity of every business process in the supply chain that it supports.

Interested in learning more about how IPS can streamline your vendor and customer relationships with contract management software? Contact us today.