Human Resources

Great human resources practices drive the success of your business.

It is a real loss then, when human resources professionals spend their time managing files in a database instead of the careers of the people who drive the organization’s progress. So much of HR is moving to online self-service that generates digital data management, but we will be living with document-based information – from tax forms to medical records and pension plan agreements – for years to come.

To free the business process from the burden of document processing, IPS provides the world’s leaders in HR database management with a Six-Sigma approach to cloud software and the digital transition.

From paper, email and other sources, our scanning services generate a standardized digital document format, with rigorous quality control.  Our intelligent capture process extracts all the key human resources data from those documents, from employee name and tax ID number to salary and benefits information and merges this data with the digital document. We can host these digital documents within our secure document repository, where they become instantly available for search from anywhere, with a web browser.

You can access our HR database management services and your documents through our secure cloud-based platform, whether for a single department or across the enterprise.  That platform can also integrate into your HR database management information system.  We can even provide you with staff and solutions for conversion, capture and indexing at your company’s location and within the security of your enterprise network.

Whatever IPS HR management solution you choose, your costs go down, productivity goes up, and human resources personnel are able to focus more time on what they do best.

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