Telecommunications Expense Management

The telecommunications bill is a model of complexity.  The longer it is and the more line items it contains, the more likely it is that expenses and errors go unnoticed.

That’s why big spenders on telecommunications turn to telecommunications expense management specialists to analyze their bills and uncover the savings.  IPS gets telecommunications expense managers to a solution faster with intelligent paper-to-digital document scanning services.

Our document scanning services convert every telecom bill into a standardized digital format,  whether it originates as paper, PDF, spreadsheet or a digital image, under strict quality control.  Then we use intelligent data capture to extract all the key information, from telephone numbers and dates to charge codes and time of day.  Integrated into each digital document, that data becomes a secret weapon for telecommunications expense management, allowing rapid and targeted searches for overcharges and inaccurate expenses.

IPS services are flexible.  You can access our services and your documents through our secure cloud-platform, whether for a single department or across the enterprise.  That platform also integrates into your telecom management system.

Whatever IPS services you choose, you will see the productivity of telecom expense managers increase while the costs of handling billing data decline.

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