Contract and Vendors

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These days, managing a business really means managing many businesses. Vertical integration is the exception. Supply chain and contract management is the rule.

From manufacturing and construction to publishing and media, companies have evolved to concentrate on their core competencies—and outsource the rest.

While this change brings new speed and flexibility to business, it also means that contract management and vendor documentation has become a mission-critical task. And the sheer volume of paperwork can tie an otherwise efficient workflow into knots.

The solution is IPS
digital imaging services.

When businesses partner with IPS, every contract and key vendor document can be scanned and indexed to all relevant criteria—vendor number, vendor name, transaction type and tax ID number.

After the contract or other document is scanned and becomes a digital image, the hard copy can go into permanent storage, and the electronic document—now available in mere seconds from anywhere in the enterprise—takes its place.

Electronic documents can also be linked to databases and other software used to run the business, allowing instant access to documents when they are needed most. And in the event of a disaster or disruption to your facilities, the digital images provide a lifeline for the continuity of your business.

An IPS imaging solution can be deployed in any of three ways:
  • Through a departmental system that has been custom-designed for your needs
  • Through an enterprise system that provides the entire organization with scanning, indexing, storage and retrieval
  • Through an applications service provider that offers secure access to images over the Internet with the highest possible level of business continuity protection

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