HR Database Management Cloud Software

IPS paperless solutions simply human resources document management.

Human resources is one of the most document-driven functions in any business. Documents derive from many sources, some available in digital form and some not.

With even average turnover, human resources document management is a never-ending drain on your HR personnel—and your bottom line.

Laws and regulations govern what personnel information must be kept and in what format. Documents filled out by employees must be preserved in their original format.

IPS Solutions for Human Resources Document Management

An effective scanning, indexing and archiving system from IPS can vastly reduce the HR workload, help ensure compliance with regulations and enable fewer people to do much more.

  • HR departments gain instant access to all personnel files.
  • Mountains of paper files are eliminated, reducing storage space and paper costs.
  • Multiple users can access the same electronic document at the same time, increasing the speed and flow of information throughout the organization.
  • Database records can be linked to all digital images relating to an employee, allowing instant access to the original documents.
  • Electronic documents are hosted on a secure private cloud with full backup to prevent loss of valuable information—critical for ensuring business continuity in the event of a disaster.

HR departments can deploy a document management solution in any of three ways:

  • Through departmental systems that are custom-designed for their needs
  • Through enterprise systems that provide the entire organization with scanning, indexing, storage and retrieval
  • Through an applications service provider that provides secure access to images over the Internet and the highest possible level of business continuity protection

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