Litigation Support

The written word is central to the practice of law, and documentation is at the heart of most civil litigation.

Legal document scanning and litigation support document management enables storage, search and retrieval huge quantities of documentary evidence, case law and legal precedent faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Each case may require compiling a vast new database of scanned documents within a short period of time, and access to those electronic documents is needed only for the duration of the case. Legal document scanning, indexing, storage and retrieval requirements, therefore, can change sharply from month to month, even from day to day.

This makes it difficult to manage an in-house document imaging center, not to mention justifying the capital investment and personnel costs involved.

IPS Secure Document Imaging and Litigation Support Document Management Services

IPS is the ideal secure, confidential hosted solution for litigation support document management, including legal document scanning, indexing, storing and retrieval. In addition, IPS can supply scanned and indexed documents back to the firm’s in-house image storage and retrieval system. IPS provides the flexibility that law firms need, because cost varies with volume and capacity can be quickly expand or contract to match requirements.

Interested in learning more about how IPS can securely manage your firm’s legal electronic document management needs? Contact us today.